Born & Brewed in India, Rough Sketch is a creative Design studio specializing in Brand Strategy, Advertising & Art Direction. We operate with a 100% remote Gen-Z team and we do it bloody well!

What we do

We create Delight. We help brands find their voice, bridge the gap between businesses and their audience-creating brand experiences that cut through the noise.
[Google really wants it all in writing]
Art Direction
App Development
Brand Strategy
Brand Therapy
Digital Design
Digital Strategy
Digital Events
Full-stack Marketing
Graphic Design
Marketing Plan
Media Buying
Motion Graphics
PR Strategy
Print / OOH
Product Design
Social Media  
Target Audience
Website Design
Now that we've talked about what we do,
let's talk about what we don't do
1. We don't do 5$ logos. We build emotion-driven, meaningful brands and beautiful brands do come with a price!

2. We don't copy Apple's website for your business. C'mon, you're special! And we did mention that we're a Zero-Bullshit studio, right?

3. We don't just hit "promote post" in the name of DiGiTaL MaRkEtiNg. We believe in data-driven & experimental way of doing things.

4. We don't play puppet masters. We're collaborative AF! From the Brand Audit phase to the final production of a project, we work together.

5. We don't charge hidden costs. We're as clear as drinking water.

6. We're human, so are you & your Audience. We make work that's human.

7. Most importantly, We don't believe in OPS or One Project Stands. Rough Sketch is a sucker for long-term relationships. Clients of Rough Sketch= Friends of Rough Sketch. We don't ghost'em. #squadgoals.
Humans Of Rough Sketch
Abhinav Garlapati
Founder, Creative Director
Nilaya Madamanchi
Co-Founder, Brand Strategist